Programme Information

Current VTS Programme                 Cake rota

The North Devon GP training scheme has day release teaching on a Thursday in the Medical Education Centre at North Devon Hospital Trust. This operates in three terms and also includes two “away days” in the autumn where we meet off-site to explore central communication and consultation skills. ST1s and ST2s attend for 1 full day each month and ST3s for a half day each week during the terms. In addition, extra sessions are arranged for ST1s and 2s whilst they are in their 6 month GP placements to help support trainees when they are out in the community.

Trainees need to request study leave from their departments for these days (and the time is deducted from the annual study leave allowance of 30 days). It is mandatory to attend 70% of planned teaching days. Sessions normally run form 9.30am-1pm and 2.00-5.00pm.

When trainees are in General Practice and there is no teaching, they should be working at their surgery or engaged in other educational activity by agreement with their trainer.