Trainee Resources

Here you will find a selection of documents and useful links which will be updated throughout the year. For resources specifically related to the resilience training please click here.


  • Appraisal                                                      A guide to the appraisal process after qualifying.
  • ARCP information guide                    ARCP information in animated form!
  • GPST Placements                                   A quick reference guide to the posts available to GP trainees in North Devon (MS Word Document).  gp_posts.docx
  • Less Than Full Time Working          A guide to the Less Than Full Time Working process (MS Word Document).  less_than_full_time_training_process.docx
  • Devon Sessional GPs                            Useful guide to getting started as a locum.
  • North Devon District Hospital       The external site for NDDH.
  • Out of Hours                                              A guide to completing your out of hours sessions in training, including a link to the printable out of hours record sheet which needs to be uploaded to your e-portfolio for each out of hours session.
  • Performers List                                         It is important you apply to be on the Performers List well in advance of starting your GP placement as this is a notoriously slow process. We have provided a guide to this process in the attached Word document as well as the relevant occupational health forms.  Performers-List-Process.docx
  • Occupational Health                             Occ-Health-Forms.doc
  • Peninsula Deanery                                Advice on policy and guidelines.


  • Learning Log Recommendations.         How to write a good learning log entry.  learning_log_recommendations_.pdf
  • Gibb’s Reflective Cycle                                The basis of reflection for portfolio entries.  reflective writing
  • RCGP Competences                                      Find out more about the RCGP competences.
  • RCGP E-Portfolio                                            Access your e-portfolio.
  • Super Condensed Curriculum Guide How to make the most from your different attachments during VTS, and how you can use them to develop a meaningful PDP before each placement. (Provided by the Scotland Deanery.)

Clinical and the Consultation:

  • Ages and Stages                                            A useful set of tools and questionnaires for assessing paediatric development and milestones through all stages of childhood.
  • Consultation skills                                      Consultation skills guide based on the “hill” model.  the-consultation-hill.pdf
  • Consultation Models                                 A brief synopsis of the various consultation models. consultation theory
  • Crossing the Bridge                                   Damien Kenny’s model – great for the CSA. crossing the bridge