North Devon Training Practices

We have a wide range of training GP practices available for the scheme. These vary widely in size and location, from town practices in Barnstaple and Bideford towns to villages across Exmoor and in rural areas around South Molton.
You will be offered a choice of which practice you go to for your ST3 year placement.

I’m sorry if some of the allocation information seems complex and at times authoritarian. It is not in our nature at VTS to be this way, however with significant numbers of trainees to manage through complex rotations it is important that we have appropriate rules to guide us.

ST3 GP placement allocation

Midway through your ST1 year you will be asked to make a choice about the training practice you would like to spend your ST3 year in.

Many VTS schemes do not give trainees a choice of practice, instead choosing to allocate trainees. Please therefore respect the benefits that you get from this process and respect the principles behind it. Choice of practices is not a trainee right that is guaranteed.

In order to fairly distribute ST3 trainees across our widely spread training practices the VTS and the trainers have agreed the following process.

  •  A certain number of practice places will be released for each cohort of trainees to choose from. This will be equal to, or slightly more than the total number of trainees seeking a practice. The places released will be based on numbers of previous ST3 placements at that practice. This is to ensure fair shares of ST3’s across the training practices:
  • It is worth noting that all training practices have been visited and approved and all trainers have shown a high level of commitment to get the necessary training and approval to become a trainer. To choose your practice purely on what is geographically convenient does a disservice to this level of commitment, but we appreciate that location may be a factor in your choice.
  • You will be asked to select a top 3 from the available practices.  You should have visited or at least made contact with the trainers at these practices to ensure compatibility. Trainers retain the right to veto any trainee choosing their practice, but meeting in advance minimises the risk of trainer/ trainee mismatches.
  • It is possible that you won’t get any of your choices although we will do our best to avoid this. To minimize this risk it is good to discuss your choices with peers to avoid you all choosing from the same limited pool of practices. If this is the case we will come to you and discuss your options and you will need to make choices from the remaining unallocated practices.

We hope that this is seen as a transparent and fair system. Please be reminded that it is in no way a guarantee and the deanery team reserve the right to place trainees where they feel is most appropriate. Any trainees who are felt by the team to be behaving unreasonably with respect to allocations risk negative judgments being made regarding their professionalism, which are taken with the utmost seriousness by all of those involved in GP training.

When choosing a practice I would encourage you to look at the Practice Profiles, which are on the Deanery website. Look at a map. Think what type of practice you want, e.g. large v small, rural v urban v suburban, geography and demographics of the practice area, interests and characters of the trainers and team at the practice etc. Some of this will be apparent from the profiles, but some will need you to make an appointment with the practice manager or trainer and visit. Also chatting to your peers in years above can be a good source of information. The programme directors also know the practices well and can offer diplomatic advice, if requested.


Dr Geoff Spencer

Dr Ed Bond





Abbotsham Rd, Bideford, EX39 3AF 01237 476363


01237 423351
Dr Iain Stewart

Dr Ed Matthews

Dr Ben Waterfall

Brannam, Barnstaple Kiln Lane, Barnstaple, EX32 8QB 01271 329004


01271 346785
Dr Mike Dowling



Bude, Neetside Methodist Church Halls, Leven Road, Bude, EX23 8LA 01288 270580 01288 359595
Dr Susanna Hill

Dr Brian Bennett

Dr Lucy Rosenbaum

Dr Simon Mathieson

Dr Richard Coates


Caen, Braunton Caen Street, Braunton, EX33 1LR 01271 818030


08704 280688
Dr Richard Cullen

Dr Anne Francis

Dr Gareth Jones

Dr Dom Waddington


Coombe Coastal St Brannocks Road, Ilfracombe, EX34 8EG 01271 863840


01271 866681 Matt, taken over from Val Pugsley.



Dr Kelsey Boddington Dulverton Exmoor Medical Centre, Oldberry House, Fishers Mead, TA22 9EN 01398 323333 01398 324030 Pete Byass taking over from Andrea in July 2017
Dr Nigel Moody Fremington 11/13 Beards Road, EX31 2PG 01271 376655


01271 321006
Dr Diana Stone

Dr Tess Partridge

Holsworthy Dobles Lane, Holsworthy, EX22 6GH 01409 253692 F2
Dr Simon Jones

Dr Angus Jefferies

Dr George Gardner

Litchdon Landkey Road, Barnstaple, EX32 9BZ 01271 323443


01271 325979
Dr Glen Allaway

Dr Maria Mastrantonio

Lynton Burvill Street, Lynmouth, EX35 6HA 01598 753226





Dr Antony Jestin

Dr Gemma Heard

Northam Bay View Road, Northam, EX39 1AZ 01237 474994


01237 425768
Dr Rebecca Geary

Dr Chris Gibb

Dr Jonathan Pike

South Molton


EX36 3BU 01769 573101



Direct no. 01769574578


(merge with East Street Apr 17)

Dr Sam Gardner

Dr Reg Perrin

Wooda Barnstaple Street, Clarence Wharf, Bideford, EX39 4AU 01237 471071



Reg is currently not delivering training.